12/11/2021 – Xi claims true democracy exists in China under CCP

Posted on Dec 11, 2021

source: https://www.bignewsnetwork.com/news/271916450/xi-claims-true-democracy-exists-in-china-under-ccp

11th December 2021, 10:18 GMT+11

Beijing [China], December 11 (ANI): Irritated by the much-anticipated Summit for Democracy conducted by the Biden administration on December 9 and 10, Chinese President Xi Jinping claimed that true democracy exists in China under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Jianli Yang, writing in National Review said that China is in fierce competition with the US and competition is between the world’s most powerful democracy and the world’s most powerful autocracy.

In response to Summit for Democracy, Beijing issued a white paper titled “China: Democracy That Works.”Promoting the white paper and China’s model of “whole-process people’s democracy” (a concept recently touted by Chinese dictator Xi Jinping), Le Yucheng, China’s vice minister of foreign affairs, stated that “China is a well-deserved democracy.”The CCP in the white paper states that democracy is the right of the people of all countries, not the exclusive domain of only a few nations.

It suggested that measuring the world’s diverse political systems with the same yardstick and judging mankind’s variegated political civilizations with low-resolution, monocular vision is undemocratic.

The white paper criticized the US for “monopolizing” the definition of democracy and imposing American-style democracy on other nations, reported National Review.

The white paper asserts that true democracy — so-called whole-process democracy — exists in China under the CCP. The document portrays whole-process democracy as “perfect” and claims that it is a thousand times better than the electoral democracies of the US and other Western countries, said Jianli.

According to the white paper, the people’s democratic dictatorship is the core and essence of China’s whole-process democracy. But this is simply a political lie, added Jianli.

The CCP’s laser-like focus on criticizing the United States and Western democracy on the eve of the Summit for Democracy is due to two factors.

On one hand, the Chinese government believes that the US intends to use the Summit for Democracy to build an anti-CCP “democratic coalition.”On the other hand, the CCP realizes that to break free from the United States’ “demonization” of the CCP and escape from its passive position in the democratic discourse, China must sing the praises of democratic values and claim them as its own, reported National Review.

No matter how much the CCP touts its whole-process democracy, what is fake cannot be made real, no matter how much propaganda Beijing puts out.

The white paper’s eloquent description of “whole-process democracy” might mislead or deceive those who lack an understanding of the Chinese system and its workings.

But anyone who is familiar with it (and especially those within it) can see through the CCP’s lies at a glance because nothing new has really been added, said Jianli. (ANI)